Top 5 Reasons To Have Coving

Coving is a simple and classic way to elevate your room. Nearly everyone in this world have seen some form of coving and appreciated it. Whether it is in your favourite aunt’s house or in the old heritage palace that is now an exhibit. Coving can bring that extra bit of class and panache to any room. Here is why you should invest in coving.

Hiding the faults

The transition between walls and ceilings are tough places. Some people find the 90-degree turn ugly and bland already. And colour can be a big down point. If the ceiling and the walls are different colour- which they are 98% of the time- there is potential for the colour lines to be crooked which would annoy even the ‘always content’ folk, let alone the keen eyed. Also, overtime cracks can form making the ugly look abominable.

Coving can be, in these cases, the one answer solution. With the help of coving, it is easy to hide up these otherwise unsightly and frankly unfixable problems. A choice coving can be used for seamless transitions and beautiful results.


When thinking about coving, many only picture old school curvy ridged designs. However, nowadays coving comes in many styles. Depending on you preference you can choose classic Victorian designs or you can get more contemporary modern styles. If you want, you can add more personalisation and go further. You can get coving custom made to blend in with your furniture. You can match and elevate your interior design theme.

Design choices

Now, after realising that coving can come in both classic and modern forms, you can also choose to go another step forward. You can take inspiration from the world’s most popular interior designers’ works. You can take inspiration from olden heritage sites. You can take inspiration from today’s popular places. And you can then apply touches of reasonable beauty to your house.


Installing coving can be extremely easy. Obviously, for more complexes and in general better installations, a professional is always recommended, coving is simple enough to be a quick project for the DIY population. You can order readymade mount mouldings and install them yourselves. The most you would have to do is just read through some instructions, and take care when measuring.

To make life even easier, you can order hardened polyurethane coving which is light, does not have to dry- plaster coving is often delivered wet- and ready for immediate installations.

Add value

Coving can make any bland room look better. When a room is a total square, it looks monotonous. And as mentioned earlier, there are defect that just cannot be removed in a room. Adding coving can make a room look and feel more interesting and visually stimulating. The blandness will be gone. You can add a touch of finesse and care which will improve the perceived quality of your property and increase its value.


Coving is a one stop solutions for many problems. You can fix and hide defects. You can alter and change designs on the cheap to make things interesting. You can also add value by showing that you care. As a house owner, investing is some coving will be a smart choice.

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